Jan 132011

Harry S. Plinkett completes his masterpiece with this three part look at Revenge of the Sith. Harry has already eviscerated Episodes I and II of the Star Wars prequels, and this latest round is nothing less than brilliant.

This is NOT for the faint of heart. These are LONG videos filled with a wonderful mix of humor and film criticism. It is a menagerie of insults for the poorly written, terribly executed series of subpar films Lucas began vomited onto screen back in 1999.

Whether you’re a current film student studying what NOT to do. Or if you are one of the misguided youths that actually think Episodes I, II and III don’t suck, this should be required viewing.


Parts #2 and #3 are after the jump.

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Jan 082011

Decided to geek things up again this morning. This time it’s a funny rap by Darth Vadar called ‘Galactic Empire State of Mind’ – based on the Jay Z & Alicia hit ‘New York State of Mind.’

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Jan 072010

Dear Lucas Arts,

To promote your new epic Star Wars video game, I’d suggest you reach out to the folks at Robot Chicken and have them cut an incredibly funny internet commercial… wait, what’s that, you already have?

Well played, Lucas Arts. Well played.

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