Jan 042011

So, I mentioned Triumph the Insult Comic Dog earlier and that led to a wasted hour and a half of watching old Conan clips of Triumph. Damn, you Robert Smigel and your comedic genius!

After doing all of this important site research, I decided to post my personal favorite clip… Triumph doing the weather report in Hawaii.

CAUTION: Watching this will likely lead to wasting an otherwise useful hour and half as you continue to watch additional Triumph videos.

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Dec 042010

Showing off his ability to stay in the viral game, Conan O’brien rocked a pair of Jeggings this Thursday. The video has popped up everywhere since he put his inhumanly long legs on display for the world to see.

“I fought my way back to television for THIS?!”

What do you think – RATE IT below!

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Nov 102010

Please, please tell me you’re watching Conan’s new show (called, of course, Conan) on TBS! If not, you sicken me, leave this site immediately!

For all the rest of you, I have only one thing to say: “Yippee Ki Yay, Mister Falcon!”

Check out this video from the show, absolutely the funniest bit Conan has done on TBS to date! :)

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Oct 092010

We’re all looking forward to Conan’s return to broadcast TV… even if it’s on TBS. With so many promotional spots being aired right now, it’s hard to pick our favorite. At least it WAS until this one launched.

Nov. 8th can’t come quickly enough!

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