Nov 092011

On November 9, 1934 the Cosmos blessed our Earth with Carl Edward Sagan. In 1939, at the age of five he was taken to the World’s Fair in New York where he was inspired by the exhibition “America of Tomorrow.” From that point on, Carl Sagan would remain both curious about the universe we live in, but also fabulously “in awe” of our world and our Cosmos. He published over 200 scientific papers and authored 20 books. And while those are remarkable feats for a kid born to Russian immigrant workers in New Jersey, I believe he should be remembered most as the best 20th century example of a scientist (and outspoken atheist) who embraced the awesomeness, beauty and elegancy of our Universe. And luckily for us, he shared that passion with all of us.

So, today, on the anniversary of his birth, I had to share one of my favorite autotune songs of all time.

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