Jan 162010

You can all stop sending me links to America Idol’s latest foolish audition video by a senior citizen from Atlanta singing ‘Pants on the Ground’ – an ode bemoaning low pants, gold teeth and hats turned sideways.

First of all, I don’t think it funny. In fact it all reeks of rehashed reruns, as Idol has released similar bad audition virals so many times they all run together for me now. I find nothing interesting or new about this particular one and (IMHO) this video seems just a little too stagey. Come on, how surprised can these judges be that a 67 year old homeless guy can’t sing?

But since there are nearly 5000 youtube videos related to the Fox viral video now, I figured I’d point out Jimmy Fallon’s Neil Young version from his NBC show which clearly takes this mediocre video to the next level.

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