Jan 052010

I almost created a new category for this video ‘Stupid Parent Videos’…

Obviously any video featuring a teenager doing back flips on her bed is going to end badly and probably include the word ‘fail’ in the title. And while this one clearly follows this trend, it also includes a wonderfully telling resolution – namely the mother’s off-camera comments following the fail.

While she must be given credit for first asking if her daughter was ok, I can’t help my morbid curiosity at mom’s apparent surprise at both this stunt’s outcome as well as the previous damage to the room’s walls.

Does this woman not understand the simple connection between her daughter’s behavior and the appearance of strange damage to the room? It’s as though she just can’t make the leap of logic necessary to connect the two things.

Maybe… and it’s just a suggestion… You should have your daughter STOP doing gymnastics on her damn bed!

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