Jan 102010

Yahoo! posted this on their front page this morning and before noon half a million people have watched it… So, for goodness sakes don’t go to the office tomorrow without watching this bit of cat-foolery or you’ll be the only one at the water cooler in the dark.

I’m not a huge pet video guy, so this isn’t my personal cup of tea.  However, as funny cat videos go this definitely has its moments.  I think the scary thing is the fact that this cat seems so nonchalant as it uses the cleaner to move around the floor whacking the nearby pit bull.  Now, I’m no conspiracy nut, but doesn’t the idea of robotic aided felines sound just a bit dangerous.   Move over Skynet, my newest apocalyptic nightmare is full of robo-cats.

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Cat on Roomba Bitch Slaps Pit Bull, 5.1 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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